What promote our affiliate program?

I could go on all day about how much you can earn if you promote our sites, or how great our content is but there's no point because I have no idea how much you will earn and I'm pretty sure there's people out there with way better content. The only thing I can promise you is something different and something done by total amateurs. We have only been shooting porn since February, 2010, we are very new at this and learning each and everyday. We have some ideas for upcoming sites not sure how they will go down with the surfers but they will be different to everything else out there.

From reading the forums it appears a lot of sites are shutting down & skanking the webmasters, for that reason we are using ccbill so you know what ever you earn you are almost guaranteed to get your cash.

We hope you will give our sites a shot with your traffic, we would appreciate it. If there's anything you need, custom banners, content, fan signs, whatever just let me know and we'll get on it. My email is on the contact page.

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